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Established in 1971, S&H has become a pioneer in the trailer industry. We didn’t get that reputation by accident, though. We figured out that if we built a good, rugged trailer with plenty of bells and whistles, there would be a market for it. And since those early beginnings, we’ve seen trends and manufacturers come and go, but our product standards – and our customers – have been there. As for today, with a solid line of steel and aluminum exterior horse, stock, and cargo trailers, and with the recent addition of all aluminum horse, stock, and utility trailers, S&H is ready, willing, and able to add to our legacy.

You don’t build trailers for over 40 years and not figure out how to do it right.

S and H Trailers / 200 County Road / Madill, OK 73446 / (800) 367-5577